Welcome to Valley Raw

Welcome to Valley Raw. We are a raw feeding supplier based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire providing a range of raw food and natural treats for your cats and dogs.

Who are we?

We both run our own dog walking business serving the communities of Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and surrounding areas. We love spending time in the great outdoors with our pals.

We wouldn’t dream of running a raw feeding business if we hadn’t witnessed its benefits first-hand. Our own companions are raw fed – Julie’s 9-year-old Staffy Banksy, cats Jasper and Kiwi, and Issy’s 16-year-old chap Woody. Issy’s little ginger terrier Gus is head of QC so he guarantees excellence on the natural treat side of Valley Raw.

We are committed to being environmentally friendly and we will endeavour to source products that keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our fabulous shop in Todmorden will be opening on 1st May at 10am.

Valley Raw
Richmond Street Mill
Richmond Street
OL14 5RD

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